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    “Practice new ideas and forge ahead into a new era” to help township teaching assistants

    Release time: 2021年12月29日

    On December 28, 2021, our company participated in the Party branch of Jiangxi Environmental Protection Association of the Communist Party of China to organize a visit to "practice new ideas and forge ahead into a new era" to help fight poverty. The company actively responded to the call of the environmental protection association.

    The visit site is zaoxia village, belonging to chixing Township, Wanzai County, about 32km away from Wanzai county. The village is a deeply poor village in the 13th five year plan, with 42 poor households and 161 people.

    At 13:30 p.m., a donation ceremony was held at zaoxia primary school;

    At 4:30, he visited the elderly, old party members and comrades;

    This activity is of great significance, reflects the state's care for poor mountainous areas, and encourages our enterprises to have the courage to take responsibility, forge ahead, actively invest in caring public welfare undertakings and contribute to the society.

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