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    Concentrate on fighting the “epidemic”, and the people of Guochang are doing their best (2)

    Release time: 2021年11月3日

    Epidemic situation reflection

    1、 Quick decision-making is the key.
    Why should the Ministry of health and security not have a red line for early warning? If the speed and quantity exceed the basic risk, it should pay attention to it, whistle in time to ring the alarm bell, and ask everyone to pay attention to prevention or control and prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, the decision-maker is the key. The Hubei provincial government, for its own face, makes the epidemic spread faster and wider, More difficult to control, harm others and yourself. Therefore, in the process of making decisions, we should understand that the moment is the smallest loss and the smallest harm, and we can't delay the harmful results.
    2、 Impact on our industry:
    1. Delayed commencement of school, no profit for the enterprise, and great pressure on various expenses: material procurement, personnel salary, etc.
    2. There is uncertainty about whether employees work.
    3. The price of some raw materials will fluctuate greatly, and there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials.
    4. The management of functional departments and project departments are more strict with safety requirements, so safety and health will be the top priority, which will increase the human, material and financial resources of the enterprise.
    3、 Principle:
    Life first, to protect life above all else is the highest instruction.
    Human nature comes first. Considering the range of affordability, people's hearts are warm.
    Front line first, all follow the needs of the front line and operate for the front line time.
    4、 Thinking:
    1. Only by setting an example and pointing directly at the hearts of the people can we unite our strength to move forward
    In times of crisis, we can remember legends, highlight the company's values and action force, fly separately in the face of great difficulties, or unite to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. For example, our Zhangshu Project Department responded quickly and effectively to the epidemic situation, and the company showed great love by making material donations and capital donations to the disaster areas.
    2. Face things positively, plan early and prepare well
    In this war, the company has been facing the problems of fund arrangement, personnel education, material supply, donation, publicity and learning step by step and directly facing the front line. Can we consider all the problems such as capital and personnel allocation in peacetime? If you make difficult preparations more difficult, you will do well to deal with major events.
    3. Unite as one and deal with it together
    Individuals and groups should respond positively, have the responsibility to face difficulties, make timely and decisive decisions, take self-protection measures, strengthen the safety awareness of family members, and take the lead in stabilizing people's hearts;
    4. Plan ahead and advance and retreat with evidence
    Key to emergency response: A. quickly start the emergency mechanism, establish an emergency team and coordinate the cooperation of various resources. b. Leading cadres play a leading role, stabilize people's hearts, improve combat effectiveness and take command. c. The company carries out various strategic reserves in the stable period. d. Publicity and follow-up of emergency events, encourage morale internally, reduce negative impact externally, and build a good corporate image.


    It is everyone's responsibility to fight the epidemic

    I returned to Xinyu on the evening of the 29th of the year and was ready to go home for the same new year as in the past 40 years. Although the state has reported the epidemic situation in Wuhan, the epidemic prevention and control measures in various places have not really started to be implemented. Like most people, I ate New Year's Eve dinner at home, watched the Spring Festival party, got up at 6 o'clock on the first day of the year and drove to Fengcheng. Pay New Year's greetings to the personnel of the project department and the leaders of Party A before 8 o'clock. Temperature monitoring has been started at the entrance and exit of the expressway. As long as the temperature is normal, we will not persuade them to return. Since the second day of the lunar new year, the epidemic prevention and control measures in various places have continued to upgrade. All provinces except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have started the "first-class response", and the Wenchuan earthquake and SARS have not started the "first-class response". We can imagine the seriousness of the situation. In this regard, we should strongly condemn those who hide their illness, gather people to chat, gamble, have dinner and do not wear masks. Since the epidemic, How many "retrograde people" all over the country rushed to Hubei, and people of all ethnic groups donated money and materials. Wuhan has successively built "Leishen mountain, Huoshen mountain and shelter hospital". How many "retrograde people" fell on the front line. This is a war without gunsmoke. Masks, protective clothing, goggles and guarantee materials are in urgent need, which requires the cooperation of people all over the country Sleeping at home is the greatest contribution to the country. I save masks for the country.
    President Mai donated 500 sets of protective clothing to the Jiangxi Hubei Medical Aid Team for the first time, which reflects the great love spirit of Guochang company and represents the high respect of my family and colleagues in the project department.
    My family drove me to Fengcheng on the fifth day of the new year because they were worried that it was unsafe to take the train. As the epidemic prevention and control measures changed day by day, all foreign vehicles at the intersection of Fengcheng expressway were advised to return, and then changed to the national highway. I had to report to the company that I had to go back to Xinyu first and discuss with my family about taking the train back to Fengcheng on the seventh morning of the new year. As all urban passenger transport in Fengcheng was stopped, I contacted many parties for a ride Arrive at the project department.
    After arriving at the project department, we began to arrange the epidemic prevention and control work. Zhou Cheng and Li lielin purchased masks, 84 disinfectants and thermometers respectively and issued them in time, and issued the company's epidemic prevention and control assessment measures in time. Each person's body temperature and family's physical condition were monitored twice a day, and the office staff's body temperature was monitored twice a day to prevent the guard from missing measurement. The company issued 95 masks, and 50 masks were purchased in the early stage Fang has distributed 100 masks, and his family has sent 200 masks from Xinyu. At present, masks can basically guarantee one person a day.
    As the epidemic situation in Fengcheng is quite serious (see attached figure) , the company requested to isolate itself as soon as possible by referring to the model of Zhangshu project department. Since there are three units in the office building of the project department, it is difficult to isolate. After weighing the pros and cons, the company held a wechat meeting of the project department, and transferred 11 personnel who are in good health and have no abnormal family members on February 8 to start closed management, eat and live in the project department. At present, the personnel of the project department are stable and the production is basically stable.
    Thanks to the purchasing department of the company for actively ensuring the supply of drugs and epidemic prevention and control materials for the project department under the situation of epidemic prevention and control measures. The personnel of the project department take the initiative to load and unload materials without unloading personnel, and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures of the project department: body temperature twice a day, office building disinfection six times a day, and not leaving the mouth except for eating masks. Since the train starts on February 4 in Fengcheng , urban traffic and highways are all closed, and it is difficult for drugs to get in and out. The project department actively coordinates with Party A, and Party A issues epidemic prevention and control vehicle pass from Fengcheng epidemic prevention and control headquarters to solve the problem of ensuring the supply of production drugs.
    During the next closure period, the project department will resolutely implement the epidemic prevention and control measures of the company and the state to maintain safe production and stability.
    I have been in Fengcheng for half a month. At present, I am in good health and have no fever. Because all my family are in Xinyu, Xinyu is also one of the worst hit areas in China. I also say "sorry, hard work" to my family here, and someone also teases me "From one disaster area to another, go back to Xinyu for isolation for 14 days and Fengcheng for isolation for 14 days. It is recommended not to go home within half a year. If you go back two days, Xinyu will have to be isolated for one month". I can only smile bitterly, "ha ha".

    Liao Xiaoyong


    I don't know when, there was a voice around me: "people in this era are really bad. Compared with people in the 1960s and 1970s, they are far from being able to bear hardships. People now are more and more selfish. If there is another war, let's see if anyone is willing to go to the battlefield. It's worrying, worrying." Whenever we think about Shangganling, maoerdong, Wang Jinxi, Jiao Yulu... It seems that we really have nothing to refute.
    However, with the emergence of a sudden epidemic, everything has quietly changed. When all walks of life are still summing up their achievements and looking forward to the future, when every household is still happy to buy new year goods and post couplets, it has come quietly. Our generation has experienced the ravage of China's flood in 1998 and the anti SARS brought to mankind in 2003 Si, I also felt the grief brought by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake... But this time, the epidemic came too suddenly, too quietly, and spread too fast, just in this special lunar new year. Therefore, we had a very different new year for the first time, without the blessings of visiting relatives and friends, pushing cups and changing lamps together, and Zhang in the streets and alleys There are colorful lights, no shopping malls and supermarkets. Some are the protective fence at the entrance of the city, some are strictly prohibited from all kinds of traffic, some are forbidden to go out at will, some are disinfectants, masks and a cold city.
    Each period has its own heroes. They are not soldiers who defend the soil with guns in Shanggan mountains or cat's ears, but they are also defending the lives of their compatriots in the motherland. Therefore, they gave up the new year, left their families, put aside their lives, and resolutely fought at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. In order to win the war against the epidemic, they did their best for the compatriots in Wuhan Quickly get out of the haze of the epidemic, batches of medical personnel from various provinces and cities rushed to Wuhan one after another. Despite their clothes soaked with sweat, the skin on their hands wrinkled with sweat, and the deep marks on their faces pressed out by masks, they didn't complain and didn't say to go back to bed. The clear fingerprints they pressed on the afternoon of invitation and their firm and unyielding figure in front of the hospital bed. In order to work better, the boys shaved their hair With their hair bare, the girls followed suit, but they were the most handsome and beautiful at this time. It was a war without gunsmoke. Although there was no bloodshed, there were still sacrifices. Song Yingjie, Li Wenliang and Peng Yinhua... All these fresh lives left us in the fight against the epidemic. They are the heroes of our times, and they are The cutest person of our time.
    Every industry has its own heroes. We can't defend the soil with guns like soldiers, and we can't fight at the forefront of the anti epidemic like medical personnel. We are just ordinary people and do ordinary work in all walks of life. However, for the construction of Raytheon mountain and Huoshen mountain hospitals, more than 7500 builders are heroes; those who work overtime to make protective articles Production line workers are heroes; drivers who rush thousands of miles to send protective articles to the front line of anti epidemic in time are heroes; police who work to stabilize daily public security during the epidemic are heroes
    For us, when the country is suffering, each of us can start from ourselves, perform our duties, have the courage to take responsibility, move forward bravely in the face of difficulties, and carry out and complete all work with methods and skills. We are here to ensure the health of ourselves, our family and every colleague around us; and ensure the stable and smooth operation of every production work The greatest contribution we can make to the country. If we do, we ourselves are the hero.
    Although the country is difficult, our generation will fight and win. We just want to prove that we are the backbone of this era. We stand between heaven and earth with our feet on the earth and clouds above our heads.

    Ji Yanhui

    Understanding of epidemic situation in 2020

    The sudden pneumonia epidemic in 2020 disrupted many people's plans and caught many people unprepared. In this chaotic natural disaster, we have seen the ugliness and evil of human nature, as well as the beauty and goodness. In response to the call of the Party Central Committee, the people of the whole country unite as one to fight this Sniper War for epidemic prevention and control. We Guochang people are no exception. According to the instructions of general manager Mai, we should ensure prevention and control, safety and production. Under the leadership of director Wang, the project Department of Xingang has played a good role in the prevention and control war of the project department. He personally went to battle, led his colleagues to clean the site and disinfect each site. On February 3, we learned that Peng's lover of Party A was a suspected infected patient. After reporting to the company, we made a quick decision and arranged home isolation for the three colleagues who had contact with Peng in recent three days. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, four classes were combined into three classes at the suggestion of Lao Yang and other old comrades. When the market for masks, medical alcohol and 84 disinfectant was in short supply, all members of the project department were mobilized to contribute their surplus epidemic prevention supplies and find various channels to purchase epidemic prevention supplies. Minister Wang used his contacts to quickly purchase a batch of masks, medical alcohol, hand sanitizer and 84 disinfectant in a short time, which were distributed at the first time and quickly stabilized people's hearts. He listens to the work, life and family situation of employees and sends warmth to employees with difficulties. One employee of the project department's community was closed. The community neighborhood committee confirmed the truth at the first time, immediately reported to the company, and instructed the employee to be at home and isolated. Minister Wang and Lao Yang also prepared instant noodles and fruits for comrades on the night shift. Minister Wang and Lao Yang deserve our praise for their love for employees and their dedication to work!
    I firmly believe that China will win this battle and Guochang will have a beautiful spring!

    Liu Binghua

    War epidemic protection supply

    The new year's Eve in 2020 is destined to be unusual. When the epidemic slowly spread to Nanchang, it aroused my vigilance. It was January 22. On the way to the company early in the morning, the masks of several pharmacies on Jiangda South Road were sold out, and the words sold out were posted at the door. I was aware that this epidemic did not only appear in the news as before. It has actually collapsed into our lives, and enough to arouse everyone's attention and panic. On New Year's Eve, when the ride back to Fengcheng got off the Meilin expressway, I found that there was a temperature measurement link, which was a little afraid, because the epidemic has penetrated into my hometown and is getting closer and closer to us
    On the first day of the lunar new year, many fewer people came to visit the new year because of the epidemic. With it, they began to worry. If the later situation is more serious, I don't know when this situation will last.
    On the second day of junior high school, I began to inquire about the logistics and transportation of various suppliers. Most of the answers I got were to look after the seventh day and the eighth day of junior high school. At present, there is no exact news. The more this uncertainty, the more I have no bottom in my heart. We can't wait. In this situation, we should inform each project department in advance to control the dosage, extend the use date and compete with time! Fortunately, at the end of last year, the company's leaders and production department have successively organized the large-scale test of Fengcheng and Zhangshu new processes, which has achieved initial results, virtually providing a new idea for purchasing more channels.
    Every day, grow with each passing day, novel coronavirus pneumonia and the confirmed case history are undoubtedly anxious. The epidemic is getting worse and worse. The new crown pneumonia can be transmitted by people, and can be spread through aerosol. Even if you don't know whether the person you talk to will be the hidden and unaware patient, then: the highway, the provincial highway, the road, the village and the village. Everyone panicked by not allowing people to work together and manufacturers to stop production. In order to ensure production, it was arranged to send a truck of 116 medicine from other provinces to Fengcheng and Zhangshu in advance on the sixth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, so as to switch the new process. After the seventh day of the lunar new year, there was still no news about the resumption of logistics, the control in Jiangxi province became more and more strict, and the provincial 2# pharmaceutical factories stopped production after being reported, Most of the drivers of 3# drugs in the province are blocked in the village or community, and some drivers who are willing to take risks are discouraged by their families. The 2# drugs and 3# drugs of other project departments can only be transported from outside the province with looser control, and the drug transfer between project departments, etc.
    Up to now, the epidemic situation is still continuing, and our supply guarantee work still cannot be relaxed. In this war, many problems are more clearly exposed to us, such as: 1. How to select better suppliers to ensure supply and reduce the risks borne by the company in major difficulties. 2. How to break through the limitations of current procurement work, multi-channel optimization and reduce procurement costs. 3. Whether the preliminary inventory preparation is in place.
    I believe that every event is an examination paper given to us by God. The key is how to find the answers and problem-solving skills from each examination.


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