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    Fight the “epidemic” hand in hand, Guochang people are in action! (III)

    Release time: 2021年11月3日

    Random feeling of epidemic situation

    2020 is a group of ordinary figures. 2020 is an extraordinary beginning. On the day of leaving the old and ushering in the new, a plague ravaged the whole of China. No one had a hunch that the plague would be so terrible. On the first day of the new year, my wife opened business as usual, but I realized the horror of Wuhan pneumonia through reminders from my family and information about the epidemic on the Internet, I dare to call my wife and tell her to hurry home. She didn't care much at first. She told her about the harm of Wuhan pneumonia many times before she picked her up. Our family has opened the self isolation mode. Every time I come out to purchase living materials, I will purchase them. Yang Ping is in charge of the project department during the new year. We communicate through wechat and telephone, One of the main contents of the work communication with Yang Ping on January 29 was that Zhangshu municipal government stipulated that Hongyu energy company would implement closed management on February 1. When I heard this information, my first thought was how to avoid the epidemic situation and solve the living problems of the project department. I immediately drove to the first factory to communicate with the leaders of Party A about the stationing of the production and project department, Second, hold a video conference for the temporary team leader of the project department. The content of the meeting is about how the project department works normally. The final plan is that the project department has 19 people in special periods, 10 people are assigned to work in the plant, and the other 9 people live at home. The working personnel are required to isolate the project department from Party A's personnel in the coking plant, pull warning tapes and communicate with Party A's personnel. No miscellaneous personnel are allowed to enter in special times, Communicating with Party A's leaders also makes the inspection department and leaders less. The project department promises to respond to national laws and regulations, coking plant rules and regulations, ensure normal production and operation, fully meet the data standards, and take a series of measures such as no gathering, no visiting, wearing a mask, washing hands and disinfecting frequently. In order to avoid contact with Party A's personnel, the project department prepares meals by itself, The self isolation mode of the project department was started on February 1. Here I would like to thank the colleagues in the front line of the project department. You have worked hard. Everyone knows that Zhangshu project department is special, 90% are women, and there will be a lot of inconveniences in life. When the medicine arrives at the factory, because there are no stevedores to unload, no one says no, and no one cries hard and tired, Roll up your sleeves is dry. In the twinkling of an eye, it has been closed for 19 days and struggled for 19 days. Because Hongyu energy Hunan has many personnel, the government continues to let Hongyu close management, and the project department continues to work hard. The project department has confidence and determination to win this war!!!!

    Xie Liang

    Advanced deeds of Jingjiao project department

    On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2020, it was originally a day of family reunion and full of joy and harmony. This year is indeed shrouded in the epidemic, which is a crisis for the whole country and a big test for the emergency response ability of Guochang company. Guochang company also handed in an answer sheet with temperature.
    Advanced deeds of Guochang:
    General manager Mai, the general management department also publishes Guochang's advanced deeds and touching deeds in the company group every day. Every word reflects the care and care for employees and their families. The procurement department of general manager Wang is also in extreme shortage. Of course, each project department also shows its own skills to purchase protective materials. General manager Mai is even more urgent, Donate 3140 sets of protective clothing to people in greater need. Minister Ji also analyzed the trend of the epidemic situation every day to boost morale. Bit by bit, all reflect the temperature of Guochang.
    Excellent performance of Jingjiao project department:
    On the seventh day of the first month (January 31 of the Gregorian calendar), all Jingjiao's brothers came to Jingjiao. At present, there is no "deserter". On that day, the project department held a video conference to emphasize the specific matters of epidemic prevention and control at work and at home during the epidemic period, and then completed the purchase, distribution and distribution of thermometer and disinfected alcohol, In the future, every day when I go to work, I can see the team members taking over the shift seriously disinfect and sterilize the operation room and other sites with masks. Although for the ministers and day shift personnel, in order to prevent personnel from gathering and working in turn, in case of major events, when more than one person needs to cooperate, they can immediately rush to the project department for standby by calling. For example, when the No. 2 drug pipeline is blocked, all pipelines need to be replaced, and when the centrifuge is unstable, the executive power will not be reduced at all. Of course, Minister Xiong, in particular, has never rested for a day since Jingdezhen. He is indeed an example of the project department and Guochang.
    During the whole epidemic period, the water quality of the project department was stable and up to standard. On February 1, chairman Wang Yao, president Zhu Dong and President Wang visited the site. On February 19, the municipal leaders visited and inspected. On February 27, the municipal leaders and provincial leaders visited and inspected. The water quality was clear and stable.
    Brothers of Guochang, the more we are faced with the epidemic, the more we should strengthen our confidence and firm our confidence. We are fully confident to do better. When the victory does not fully come, we must not slack off or take any chances. I believe that as long as we work together, no winter is insurmountable and no spring will not come. Yu Yunlei

    Thank you, everyone who works hard to overcome the epidemic

    Before the Spring Festival in 2020, just as people were preparing to welcome the new year with joy, a sudden new coronary pneumonia swept across China. It came fiercely, spread rapidly, unprecedentedly and caught people off guard, bringing the people of the whole country into an extreme fear. At this critical moment, the Party Central Committee headed by President Xi took a long-term view, controlled everything and actively deployed defense, Unified command, unified mobilization of all forces, rush to Hubei and Wuhan!
    First of all, the medical staff of the army were sent to Wuhan to deploy medical equipment to support Wuhan "Huoshen mountain" hospital. Then, 19 provinces around Hubei also responded positively, sending a large number of experienced and skilled medical staff to Wuhan. All medical staff made every effort to attack and attack at the forefront of the epidemic. We firmly believe that only under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, scientific prevention and control: "we will win the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation".
    In view of our local governments' positive response and rapid cooperation, they immediately took the way of home isolation, blocked all sources of disease, enforced management, issued red headed documents for many times, formulated measures, implemented work stoppages except for production enterprises, extended school holidays, people did not get together, gathered, visited, played cards and gambled, and implemented the prevention and control work in place. All neighborhood committees The village committee shall set up defense cards to control the entry and exit personnel, issue various passes, and check the body temperature of each entry and exit personnel. Looking at our migrant workers brothers, risking the risk of being infected and losing their lives, they gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families during the new year and rushed to the construction site of "Huoshen mountain" in Wuhan from all over the world to fight continuously for 9 days to create "God like" "The construction of huoshenshan hospital at a high speed has won time and life for new pneumonia patients to receive timely treatment! Moreover, without salary, this boundless spirit of love is worthy of our admiration, not to mention the medical staff, which is worthy of great learning and praise in the future.
    The project departments of our company are the same. Under the unified command of the company's leaders, the ministers actively strive to lead the employees to fight on the production line, ensure the normal operation of the owner's wastewater treatment system equipment through various ways, ensure that the effluent quality meets the standard, and keep up with the pharmaceutical logistics support work. At present, there is no impact on the normal operation of production, and the epidemic prevention work is also limited One by one, a large number of masks and alcohol were purchased, and a "two shift system" was implemented to live in the project department in turn And other ways to ensure production. President Mai also donated a large number of medical supplies to relevant departments to support the front line of anti epidemic situation. At the same time, he organized the company's cadres to study online at home and continuously charge various courses of Huapu business school to improve professional knowledge and management skills, so as to lay a solid foundation for the company's future development.
    The epidemic situation is ruthless and human beings have feelings! We firmly believe that through the joint efforts and unity of the people of the whole country, the epidemic situation will be defeated by us. Thank you! Everyone who works hard to overcome the epidemic situation! Sun Bin

    Thoughts on the epidemic situation

    In the beginning of the 2020 year of the mouse, New Coronavirus gradually spread to all provinces and cities in the center of Wuhan, and the epidemic spread all over the country. To this end, many provinces and cities have launched a primary response, and a struggle against the virus has been slowly launched. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, most communities and villages isolated all personnel returning from Wuhan, registered and measured everyone's travel, and everyone was in danger in an instant.
    In such an emergency, the project department immediately took corresponding measures to avoid delaying production as much as possible. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, we were unable to return to work according to the original plan. In order to ensure the normal supply of drugs in the project department, accountant Qin rode an electric car to the company to pay under the condition that I could not immediately return to Nanchang and some buses in Nanchang were suspended. During the epidemic period, the finance department happened to be the busiest time. In order to ensure normal tax returns and statements, sister Zhao and accountant Qin insisted on being on duty in the company every week and took work home to complete it, striving to complete the work at hand. After a six hour journey on February 9, I finally returned to Nanchang. Because I was an outsider, I had to be isolated in Nanchang for 14 days. During this period, I couldn't go out frequently. I usually worked at home. I can only use the time to go out to get the company's invoice and pay my salary. The success of all this benefits from the help of my colleagues.
    In the face of disasters, it often better reflects national cohesion. In order to ensure the material supply of Hubei Province, some provinces and cities have tried their best to transport living and medical resources for Hubei Province, and people everywhere have also made donations for the epidemic. Mai also donated a lot of money and materials to the treatment of New Coronavirus in the epidemic, which has become a good example for everyone to learn. This epidemic situation makes me understand: in front of the virus, although we are just small ordinary people, as long as we unite and work together, we believe that we can defeat the virus and finally usher in the day when there is a bright future. Zhang Zhiqin

    In the face of the epidemic, Guochang is taking action

    In 2020, a great calamity landed on our land. New Coronavirus pneumonia broke out in Wuhan. It took the opportunity of spring transportation to spread all over the country. In the face of this sudden epidemic, the state is taking action, and all parts of the country have launched first-class response to major public health emergencies to try their best to curb the spread of the epidemic; All localities have sent medical personnel to Wuhan to help them win this crucial battle; The rapid completion of Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals has made the world see our country's determination to win.
    In the face of the epidemic, Guochang is taking action. President Mai has donated thousands of protective clothing to provide the most powerful backup support for the soldiers fighting in the front line, and personally gave instructions to the work of various departments to motivate employees. With Mr. Mai as an example, other people in Guochang did not show weakness. The ministers of each project department took the lead and always gave instructions on the front line to ensure the physical safety of employees in the project department without delaying production. Zhangshu and Fengcheng project departments took closed management measures to minimize the risk. At the same time, the headquarters of the company also declined. The comprehensive management department, finance department and business department all completed their tasks in time. The publicity guarantee, capital supply and material supply were in place. They ensured the normal operation of the whole company.
    In the face of the epidemic, the production technology department is taking action. Due to the impact of the epidemic, although all employees of our department could not return to the company, they completed their work at home under the leadership of the minister. Director Ji keeps communication with each project department at any time, records and solves the problems of each project department, assists in maintaining the daily production stability of each project department, pays attention to the new process at all times, and manages other affairs of the technology department; Minister Sun is mainly responsible for the most important new steel technical transformation project of the company in 2020. In addition, he also needs to pay attention to the equipment use of each project department at all times to ensure the normal operation of the equipment at all times; Minister Zou holds two positions. He should not only complete the company's requirements and prepare the materials needed by Fang Da, but also always care about the production situation of the project department; Deng Gong has been in charge of the project of Jingjiao and is ready to complete the work in Jingdezhen at any time; Xie Gong is responsible for the acceptance of Zhangshu project and editing the acceptance data; I have been doing the daily work of the technology department and exploring the new technology the company is trying.
    As the youngest of the company after the ninth five year plan, I never thought I would encounter such a catastrophe in my first year in society, but it is precisely because of this that I can see the strength of our country and the strength of our Guochang company; We Guochang people have energy, and our leaders in Guochang have responsibility. The coming March is a season of flowers and spring returning to the earth. I believe that the cold winter has passed and the lowest trough has passed. The zero growth of patients in Jiangxi for several consecutive days is a good beacon. As long as we stick to the second half of this battle, we must not relax our vigilance and relax. In this way, we will win.

    Thoughts on the epidemic situation

    The occasion of the new year is supposed to be a grand festival celebrating the whole country, but it has destroyed the sudden New Coronavirus. During the outbreak period, no one could have imagined that the virus spread so fast. In just a few days, the first-class response to major public health emergencies was launched all over the country. Only then did we know the seriousness of the matter.
    When we rest at home and brush the news, we can see that the number of confirmed cases has soared. Especially in this small area of Xinyu, the confirmed cases are closely related to the Wuhan population. The infectious, dangerous and man-made control of New Coronavirus is very alarming and unsettling. So much so that if you pay too much attention to physical symptoms at home, you will repeatedly measure your temperature as soon as you are uncomfortable. You are afraid that you will be infected inadvertently. You are tangled about whether to go to the hospital. After all, it is related to the life safety of a family. This kind of panic is not easy to tell your family, for fear of causing greater panic. I had to communicate with the leaders and colleagues. Under the guidance of the leaders and colleagues, my mood gradually calmed down and my physical discomfort gradually improved. I really thank the leaders and colleagues in this special period. Without them, such a worried day at home will really make my spirit run away.
    Through chatting with colleagues, we found that everyone will have some discomfort more or less, which is caused by excessive tension. After all, the network is so developed, and there are private, emotional and speculative epidemic information flying all over the network. It is false to say that you are not afraid. Therefore, I gradually calmed down my thirst for epidemic information and only focused on official news.
    Looking at the extension of the holidays again and again, we always stick to the production line. We have had resistance and fear, but later, the company and the project department have prepared masks and disinfectants for us, and all leaders stick to their posts. As a young man, why can't I. Doing your job well is the greatest return to yourself and the company.
    During my stay at home, I summed up several ways to relieve my mood: make a plan, reasonably arrange the life content of the day, eat and sleep regularly; Keep the habit of studying at home. You can read some books and learn some professional knowledge every day; Try to specialize in one thing and enjoy the process; Find the support of family and friends, chat online and share feelings.
    The epidemic is not terrible, what is terrible is ignorance! Pay tribute to the medical staff, public security police and scientific researchers fighting against the epidemic, and look forward to your triumphant return!
    Go China! Hubei come on! Wuhan, come on! Jiangxi come on! Xinyu, come on! Hu Jing

    Thoughts on the epidemic situation

    On the occasion of the Spring Festival, a quietly rising epidemic without warning has made many people trapped by illness and even lost their lives. In this war without gunpowder smoke, many people were isolated. Although they were isolated and separated by viruses, they could not isolate people's hearts; Seal the city, seal the road, but can't seal the spread of love. Where the heart is, where love goes, invincible. At present, the whole country is united and helps each other, which is our magic weapon to overcome the epidemic.
    The people all over the country turned their attention to Wuhan for this sudden epidemic. While paying close attention to the epidemic situation, all sectors of society also extended a helping hand, spontaneously organized donations to support medical materials, cheered and encouraged front-line personnel... Pile by pile, scene by scene, shocking, all demonstrating the strong cohesion of China.
    In February 3rd, it was learned that Peng Xiaomei, his wife, was infected with New Coronavirus. Xiao Mei was also told to go to the hospital to be quarantined. In the last few days, the project department had 3 people who had contacted Xiaomei to be quarantined at home. To tell the truth, it's impossible not to be afraid. Calm down and think about the isolation of three colleagues at home. The project department must be short of manpower for normal production and operation. At this time, I received a notice from Minister Wang and Minister Yang. In an extraordinary period, the project department temporarily decided to change the fourth shift to the third shift to ensure that the production task requires me to work in the shift, I said; I will fight wherever the leader refers to, and ensure the completion of the task. The company and the project department also issued protective articles (masks, alcohol and disinfectant) for us for the first time. At present, only by protecting ourselves can we protect others and our families.
    Let us join our hearts, embrace each other, love each other, unite as one, overcome difficulties, fight the epidemic with one heart, guard a round of clouds and bright moon in the depths of winter, wait for a warm spring, and wait for a long-awaited meeting!
    Go China! Wuhan, come on! Song Yanbin

    Minister Jing Jiao dares to go retrograde

    In 2020, the new coronal pneumonia virus will ravage the motherland. Hubei city was closed, local governments controlled and controlled, and people were terrified and hid at home.
    People are hiding. He's retrograde. There is a person in Jingjiao project department, as president Mai said: "The outbreak of this epidemic not only tests Guochang's measures, systems and management, but also tests the conscience, loyalty, responsibility, courage, courage and determination of our people in Guochang! I believe that after the baptism of ice and fire and through the struggle between life and death, Guochang will truly be reborn, unite as one, be brave in the face of danger and move forward"!
    Yes, at present, Party A's production is normal, and Guochang people need to follow up. The epidemic is expanding day by day, and it's the Spring Festival holiday. Our leaders are in different places. It's really so-called that there are no leaders and people are in panic. At this critical juncture, our leader, Minister Xiong, has come.
    When Xiong learned that the epidemic was serious, he knew that the staff of the project department needed him at this time and he had to go back to Jingdezhen. Our minister Xiong was restless and anxious at home. Despite the obstruction of his family, he drove from Nanchang to Jingdezhen and went straight to the project department. He immediately convened the team leader to formulate the prevention and control plan, which stabilized the panic of the personnel of the project department.
    In order to reduce personnel circulation, the third shift was changed to the second shift, which stabilized the formation and won the praise of Party A!
    We praise minister Xiong's courage to take responsibility! We praise the spirit of daring to go retrograde!
    Minister Xiong's spirit is great love! Great love is boundless! Feng Quanhe

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