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    Donation ceremony of “Guochang” scholarship of Yuzhang Normal University in 2021

    Release time: 2021年12月8日

    The donation ceremony of "Guochang" scholarship in 2021 was held in the academic lecture hall of the North Building of the special education building of Yuzhang Normal University on December 7.

    Present at the donation ceremony were he Ruihu, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuzhang Normal University, fan Wenqin, member of the Party committee and director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee, Zhang Baogen, director of the Party committee office, Kou haiqun, vice president of the College of ecology and environment, Luo Baoquan, Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch, Tang Nianhua, director of the youth league office, and some representatives of teachers and students of the College of ecology and environment, Xie Rong, chairman of Nanchang Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Mai Rong, general manager, Wang Linping, deputy general manager, Li Lin, Minister of general management department, Zhao Min, Minister of finance department and other relevant leaders attended. The ceremony was presided over by Dr. Wang Yuxiu, School of ecology and environment.

    First, general manager Mai Rong introduced the growth history of Guochang environmental protection and expressed the original intention and vision of the "Guochang" scholarship. It also said that as an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Guochang environmental protection has always paid attention to social public welfare undertakings and social responsibility as an important part of corporate culture; At the same time, it also expressed that in order to achieve the enterprise strategic goal of high-quality talents, it hopes to vigorously support the development of education through in-depth school enterprise cooperation, and maintain long-term friendly cooperation with the school through the establishment of "Guochang" scholarship.

    Then, general manager Mai Rong handed over the donation check to Dean Kou haiqun, the representative of the College of ecology and environment. Dean Kou haiqun, on behalf of the College of ecology and environment, issued the donation certificate to Guochang environmental protection company and awarded the "plaque of practice teaching base" to Guochang company. Finally, President Kou haiqun gave a thank-you speech on behalf of the College of ecology and environment.

    Tang Nianhua, director of the Youth League school office, read out the list of students who won the "Guochang" scholarship in 2021. Xie Rong, chairman of the company, and Mai Rong, general manager of the company issued honorary certificates to the award-winning students.

    LAN Xindian, the representative of the award-winning students, said: it is a great honor to win the "Guochang" scholarship. In the future, they will deepen their studies, cherish their time, live up to their youth, always be grateful, always have the ambition to forge ahead, study hard, devote themselves to the cause of environmental protection in the future, contribute to the society and build a dream for the country.

    Finally, he Ruihu, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuzhang Normal University, said: I am very happy to bridge the gap between Guochang Institute of environmental protection and ecology and environment and become a "matchmaker"; President Mai had a strong sense of resonance and identity with the college. In 2018, he donated financial aid for poor students to Yuzhang Normal University for the first time. This time, he set up a "Guochang" scholarship of 100000 yuan, and said that he would donate it every year in the future. Ecological environment college is the youngest College of Yuzhang Normal University. It has the most doctors and teachers. Although it has been established for the shortest time, it has made remarkable achievements. The setting of "Guochang" scholarship is the beginning of school enterprise cooperation, which really plays the role of collaborative education between the two sides and in-depth integration of talent training mode between schools and enterprises. On behalf of the College of ecological environment, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Finally, I congratulate the students who have won the Guochang scholarship. All the gains are inseparable from hard work, youth and the entrustment of enterprise and school leaders, I hope Guochang scholarship can point out the way forward for you to realize your lofty aspirations in the future!

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